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Rocco's First Birthday Party!! | Social Circle, Ga.


I can't imagine yesterday being any more perfect!! Trey and I have been working our tails off getting the pool area ready for Rocco's first birthday celebration!!! It was pretty much overwhelming looking out and seeing this place filled with so many loved ones!!! The laughter and squeals of excitement from the kiddos made my heart burst with happiness!! The memories made with each of you as we celebrated our sweet boy, Rocco Koi, will forever be remembered! OH, and my Aunt Nikki (who lives in Kentucky) stopped by that morning for an hour or so and it was AMAZING to get to see her and introduce her to Rocco!!!

What a way to open the Robbins' Pool!!! 

Rocco had so much fun as I carried him from person to person letting them love on him! He would get a little shy and lower his head towards me. . .it was SO dang cute!! He warmed up though and had a blast! He loved playing in the pool with my brother's girlfriend, Kristi! They hung out on the sun ledge with the shade of the umbrella. Kristi's daughter Karli enjoyed feeding Rocco his bottle while relaxing in the swinging chair.

He loved holding everyone's hands!

While we sang happy birthday, he stared off and then got a little shy!! Once he started eating his cake and realized everyone was watching him, he got to giggling!! He's gonna be such a HAM!! He had so much fun that he completely skipped one of his naps!! And he is ALL about his naps! He just couldn't get enough of everyone!

My sister-in-law, Chastin, made Rocco's cupcakes - they were so dang good!!! You should go follow her on IG!! And my friend from high school Jamie Gooden ROCKED out the cookies!! Follow her here! My good friend, Arlissa Jones, grabbed my camera (several times during the day!) and took all the photos during his cake smash and the ones of just he and I - THANK YOU so much for doing that!

For the decor, I wanted to keep is simple! I went with green and white for the colors and found a cute greenery at Hobby Lobby that I just bought a bunch of and used it all over the place. I created the wreaths out of fabric circles and attached the greenery with craft wire. I have a list of vendors below for you in case you see something you liked!! I think I got them all. If you have any questions about any of the decor or food - ask away! ;)

Party Supplies + Food
Cupcakes, Sweet Treats Cupcakery, Chastin Padgett, Social Circle, Ga.
Cookies, Good-N-Sweet Treats, Jamie Gooden, McDounugh, Ga.
Greenery + Cake Stand, Hobby Lobby
Wooden Boxes, antiques I've collected over the years from family + antique shops
I served: white chocolate covered strawberries, fruit + veggie platters, Little Smokies (grape jelly and tangy BBQ sauce mixed in a crock pot), Chex mix + pretzels
My Swimsuit, TJMaxx
My Shorts, American Eagle (they used to be pants! lol)
My Sunglasses, Vera Wang
Rocco's Outfit, Target
Olivia's Swimsuit, Lolly Pops Boutique, Monroe, Ga.
RyAnne Swimsuit, Target

Thank y'all so much for joining us! We love you!!


Rocco's ONE | Cake Smash Session


My sweet heart! I'm not even going to pretend like this was an easy session!!!! Goodness!!! He's EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!! But he's so dang cute!!!

Thankfully my friend, Arlissa who is also a photographer, was here to help me out, keep him from crawling too far off the back drop and keep him from falling out of the chair! haha! 

As you may have already read in my last blog post, I shared Rocco's birth story! You can read that here. WHAT an incredible day that was! God blessed me with the strength to make it through his birth without pain medication!! Such an answered prayer!!

This boy has really taught me so much this year! He's most certainly been the BIGGEST challenge of my ENTIRE LIFE!! He's so different from his sisters. His personality isn't like theirs and that has always worried me and kept me from feeling like I have a bond with him. The past several months have gotten much easier. My PPD isn't taking over my every thought any more - HUGE praise for that!! He is on a really good sleeping and eating schedule and we have really learned what makes him happy AND what doesn't! lol

He amazes me by how much he can eat! Is it just a boy thing or what??? My girls were NEVER as hungry as he is! EVER! He has taken many steps, crawls faster than I can walk, LOVES his sisters beyond measure and completely lights up when they talk to him or love on him, loves to eat, shy smiles when strangers talk to him, waves at our goats, says "bye bye", "Momma", "Dada", can sign for "more", he has FIVE teeth (four on top and three on bottom), loves avocados, and when he smiles, no matter how crazy he has been that day, it melts my heart EVERY. TIME!

Happy birthday week Rocco Koi! We love you so much!