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18 Week Hump Day bump date. . .


Today we kept RyAnne out of school for the first part of the morning so she and Olivia could hear baby “R’s” heart beat at my checkup. I love seeing my girl’s eyes light up when they hear that sweet little thumping! It’s the most fabulous thing in the world to hear it and know my little one is doing well in there. The rest of my appointment went down hill quickly. As soon as I lay down on the table, my midwife asked me to lift my shirt so she can put the heart monitor on my belly. The FIRST thing she does is poke her finger right through my herniated belly button! OUCH! And how RUDE! I know it has to be all over my “chart” that I have a hernia because I have mentioned it at every appointment - well, expect this one. I was so upset that she didn't ask me about it before poking around. It’s obvious it’s herniated and now it’s sore. Thanks lady!

Then we got on the conversation about working out. She told me I shouldn’t be lifting weights heavier than 5-10 pounds. I brought up that I was doing 30 pound curls, 60 pound tricep pull downs, 60 pound lat pulls and 75 pound bench presses with no pain. So she decided to hike her estimate up to, “Well, I guess you could lift around 20 lbs.” OMG, it’s beyond frustrating! She didn’t seem to be the budding bit of health so I don’t know how credible she is. This was my first time meeting this midwife and I’m freaking out!

It’s not easy taking advice from someone like her with a horrible beside manner and contradicting estimates. I know every pregnant woman is different - body, mind and soul - and it must be hard to calculate these things. I just wish I could find a practice that considered connecting with their patients and making them feel comfortable. After all they are delivering our next family member!

The last thing we discussed, which she DID find on my chart, was how big Olivia was when she was born - 10 pounds, 10 ounces. She said she was concerned that I might end up with Gestational Diabetes and that she wanted to go ahead and schedule my glucose test, TODAY! We weren’t prepared to hang around for an additional hour after waiting 45 minutes to be seen. So, I get to do that next week.

I have been a crying mess, breaking out in tears all day, hyperventilating style and Olivia is trying her best to make me laugh! I have been so excited about this appointment and hearing our baby’s heart beat, what a kill joy!

I have been working out and eating so well this pregnancy, and to hear all these things just really makes me feel like I’m failing. I didn’t leave with much positive from her. I did contact one of my sweet clients and ask her for a referral to the practice that delivered her baby girl. After speaking with the front desk lady, she gave me so much helpful information and stayed on the phone with me answering all of my one hundred thousand, crazy lady, pregnant questions! lol So while, this day has pretty much been the crappiest feeling day, it is ending on a good note. I think I found a new practice!

One, Two. . .THREE!!!

Y'all!!! We are so excited to finally announce that the Robbins' nest is gaining a baby bird number THREE!!! I am totally over the moon and so thankful that God is blessing us with this little baby. On Thanksgiving day, before our family arrived, we told RyAnne and Olivia that they were going to be big and bigger sisters. :) Samantha, our elf, brought them a picture. RyAnne had no idea what she was looking at. lol Once Trey and I explained to her that her baby brother or sister is in my belly she was ecstatic! She hugged me and kissed my belly. Oh, my heart burst into a thousand pieces!

Once everyone arrived to our home for Thanksgiving dinner, we all went out before sunset for a family photo or two or ten. haha There's a bunch of us and well, a lot of blinking happens! Once we got the best family photo we could, we came inside for the prayer. Trey announced that he would like to say grace. At the end of his prayer he thanked God for our newest addition coming June 27th, 2017! My eyes popped open and I looked around the room to see if anyone understood what he was saying. hahaha It took everyone a moment and then they all looked at me like, "Are you pregnant???"

I am now 10 weeks and in my third month! It's so hard to believe how fast this is going by. Looking forward to sharing my journey with this little one and my crew!

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