HUGE giveaway about to happen!


Hi there! I've been super busy over hear meeting up with several amazing Holy Mother-preneurs to bring you a SUPER giveaway! We have worked so hard on this project! Starting on Monday, September 10th on my Instagram account @holymotherpreneur we will be sharing all the deets!

There were so many ladies that wanted to team up on this giveaway that it turned in to an ENTIRE month of goodness!! Each week of the giveaway, I will be featuring a Holy Mother-preneur of the Week and announcing our giveaway! These ladies are hard working mommas with lots of heart and I can't wait to share more about them with you!

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Happy Thursday!


Something new. . .and a FREEBIE too!!!


I haven't shared this enough around here but I've been working on something fun and NEW for you guys!! Earlier this year God made it very clear to me that I needed to start writing a book about my postpartum depression journey. I immediately started writing it all out! Then I started getting this excitement for something but I just couldn't figure out how to place it! I prayed that God would channel that positive energy and let me know what I needed to be doing with it. That's when the cookbook came to life!

Not only has a cookbook come to life but also a new brand! Holy Mother-preneur!!! This lifestyle brand is uplifting, positive and available to lend a helping hand to my fellow mother-preneurs!!

This cookbook is for the mother-preneur (dog mom's included!!!) that wants to eat healthy yet doesn't have a ton of time to put into a recipe!! These are quick and easy meals that my family loves and I can't wait to share it with you and your fam!

Holy Mother-preneur, THE COOKBOOK, Seven Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating AND a coordinating grocery list (to make it EVEN easier for you!) is available as a FREE download by using this link.
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At the end of this month I will be publishing the
Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating cookbook!!!

Click the link above to follow me along on Instagram!!

Click the link above to follow me along on Instagram!!

I started this lifestyle brand in hopes of making your life a little easier with healthy recipes, tips and tricks with business/life hacks too!! Am I still a photographer??? HECK YES I am!! I have lots on the schedule coming this fall!

This cookbook really just combines all of my fave things: photography, writing, cooking healthy and helping others! It was the perfect outlet to channel my creativity and bless others with healthy simplicity!!

I've been so nervous to share this with you guys and I feel quite vulnerable. . .I guess because it's something new! I hope y'all love your FREE Seven Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating cookbook!



P.S. Trey took these behind the scenes photos of me while I was cooking and styling a meal for the cookbook! This was the slow cooker BBQ Chicken Salad. . .It was SOOOO good!