snellville united methodist church wedding

Dezi + James' Snellville United Methodist Church Wedding


Dezi + James share so many common interests; From history to music, fine arts to martial arts, philosophy to theology, Doctor Who to other geeky things <-----Dezi's words. (So cute!) :) They met though a mutual friend back in law school, while Dezi was already dating someone at the time, they kept in touch through random Facebook comment "Likes" and a few birthday and holiday well-wishes. Over three years later, after Dezi's previous relationship had ended, James sent her a message wishing her a Happy Easter and asked how life was going. The conversation evolved from there. Dezi + James met back up for the first time in nearly four years at Criminal Justice Camp. After having their first official date they decided to keep in touch and began scheduling visits, phone calls and Skype chats that lasted hours on end. James was living in Virginia and Dezi in Georgia. Once they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend they made sure to schedule time together - in the same state at least once a month. :) This made for fun adventures at some of their fave locations in their home towns. While the visits never seemed long enough, they made the most of the time they had together.

In March 2015, James and his family invited Dezi on their family vacation to Walt Disney World to celebrate James' new job and his parents 31st wedding anniversary. Dezi gratefully accepted! This would be her first trip to Disney World and probably the most memorable one! The trip was scheduled for August 2015 and they all couldn't wait and that's when James began some secretive planning.

Once their long awaited trip arrived in August 2015, James informed Dezi that he had reservations for them to have dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. Once in the castle they both enjoyed meeting all of the Princesses and the incredible Gothic architecture. The table they were seated at overlooked the carousel in Fantasyland. During dinner the sun was setting, Dezi + James talked about how incredible their trip was. Once they both finished their meal, their waiter returned with a "Special dessert" that was covered with an ivory dome. The waiter removed the dome and revealed a little crystal Cinderella slipper sitting on a bed of rose petals. During this diversion James was getting on one knee beside Dezi and holding a small black box with a gorgeous sparkling ring inside. Once Dezi realized what was happening she gasped and stared wide-eyed at James

Jame began expressing how much he loved Dezi, how thankful he was for their relationship and how we wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And then the big question, he asked her to be his bride! Dezi replied with a huge grin on her face, "Well, Absolutely!!!" The room erupted in applause for the couple!

Dezi is such a kind person! When she found out that her wedding day was on RyAnne's 6th birthday she promised to get her a gift for allowing her mommy to photograph her wedding on her birthday. ;) Dezi, Thank you for the set of Bad Kitty books! RyAnne and I love reading together. <3. I have really enjoyed getting to know you through our loads of emails. Your wedding day was spectacular and you were the most stunning bride!

I wish you and James the very best!!!!


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