Shelley + Drew | Prospect Farms Engagement Session


Oh my goodness you guys!! I am love!!! These two are just adorable and were so fun to photograph! They chose a beautiful farm in Lawrenceville, Ga. for their engagement session. Prospect Farms allows photographers to photograph in their gorgeous pastures of wild flowers and their blueberry fields. . .We just had SO much fun all over their farm! And y'all know I LOVE cows. . .they have sweet cows on their farm! And those girls wanted in on the photos too!

So, let me tell you a little about Shelley and Drew! They met while working out at the gym - which by the way seems like such a great place to meet someone!! The day they met, was also the day they had their first date! Drew asked her out and she was just smitten from the get go! Their date was amazing and Shelley knew he was a special guy!

After dating for some time and falling in love, Drew was ready to pop the question. He thought of it all too!! Shelley and her mom go for regular mani and pedi's so it wasn't strange at all that her mom called and asked Shelley to join her at the nail salon before the weekend. Shelley and Drew had a fun weekend planned in Helen, Ga.

While they were on a romantic hike by the river, Drew stopped as Shelley took a few steps ahead of him on the trail. He then called her name. When she turned around he was on one knee asking Shelley to be his wife!!! To memorialize this amazing moment, they carved their names in a tree - so dang sweet!!!

The surprises didn't stop there! They drove back to Shelley's mom's house to celebrate. When she walked into the house she found their entire family there to congratulate the newly engaged couple! As if this wasn't enough, Drew also flew in her brother and sister-in-law! As they peeked around the corner to surprise Shelley, she burst into tears of joy!

It's such a small world y'all! Shelley heard about me from a friend but later realized I photographed her cousin, Haley's wedding! Shelley, I'm so happy to be your wedding photographer! I can't wait until November 2018!


Erin and Josh | Arabia Mountain Engagement Session


Josh and Erin go way back to almost ten years ago! They met while working a summer camp program. Erin was a part of the gymnastics classes and Josh was hired on as a lifeguard. They didn’t really hit it off right away! Erin saw Josh as the cool, motorcycle riding guy that sat in the back of the class! Josh saw Erin as a front row of the class kinda girl with her ducks in a row and maybe he thought she was a little bossy too! Their first impressions of one another weren’t the best but after hanging out together more and more through work they both realized first impressions aren’t everything!

Erin mentioned one day to Josh that she really wanted a chocolate cake like the one on Matilda the movie. He took note and guess what?! He actually baked her a chocolate cake with sprinkles!! How sweet and thoughtful was that?! And Erin was very taken by his surprise!

Once summer camp came to an end, it was time for Erin to head back to school for classes at The University of West Georgia in Carrolton, Ga. One day while at school Erin was hit with a SEVEN hour physics lab followed by a physics lecture and a huge report that was due the next day! It was an “off” day for her and Josh was right there for her! When he found out she was having such a crudy day, he hopped on his motorcycle and made the one and a half hour drive from Conyers to Carrollton to make sure he could be there to lift her spirits and help her finish that report!! That’s about the time Erin realized Josh was a very special guy!!

One very frigid evening, Erin and Josh were walking around Ol’Town Conyers enjoying the twinkle lights in the botanical garden, watching the ice skaters battle to stay upright, dinner at one of their fave places, drinks at a local bar and then ending their walk with coffee and hot chocolate. When Erin couldn’t feel her hands any more they decided to make their way home. They were in separate cars and Josh ended up getting home before Erin. When she walked into their home she found Josh and their dog, Diesel right beside him, standing in the living room. As Erin approached him, Josh dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him!!! She was in complete shock and instantly said YES!!! What a beautiful way to end a perfect night!!! 

We celebrated their love during their engagement session at Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Ga. this past Sunday. What a beautiful evening it was!! It was my first time photographing at the mountain and I think we captured some serious magic between these two! 

I can’t wait until your wedding day!!


How to PREP for you engagement session SERIES - 2 of 2

Last week I shared some very important tips on how to ROCK out your attire for your engagement session to ensure that you are comfortable and CONFIDENT!!! This week I would like to cover some more very helpful tips! These tips are equally as important as choosing your coordinating outfits and are simple ways to get you and your groom prepared!


1. CLEAN YOUR RING! : I will be photographing your gorgeous diamond! This means that this would be a perfect opportunity to have your ring cleaned so that it’s clear of dirt and other build up that may be visible through a macro lens! 

2. HAIR & MAKEUP : Splurge a little! If you were considering getting your hair and makeup done, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself! You will cherish these images forever and so investing in professional hair and makeup can be an extra fun way to celebrate the occasion and allow you to be extra confident during your shoot! Tip: If you’re worried about looking tired or just want a little something special for your portraits, getting false lashes will make the most impact in your portraits! There are all types of lashes that range from looking completely natural to looking like Beyonce! I would lean towards the natural end of the spectrum! :) 


3. THE TIMELINE : I am always a few minutes early to engagement sessions so that I can scope out the location and find light that will be flattering on my couples! Because we are racing the sun and cannot shoot after it has set, I recommend leaving 15-30 minutes earlier than you originally planned just to be safe! 

4. HAVE A PREVIEW PARTY : In the past I have found that it is incredibly helpful for my brides to sit down and have a little preview party with their groom before their engagement session. Take ten minutes and sit down together to scroll through 2-3 of your favorite engagement sessions on my blog. This will allow your groom to be prepared for what he is about to experience! 

5. TAKE A DEEP BREATH! : You’re going to be amazing models! I always tell my couples that the BEST models are the ones who have never modeled professionally before! And I mean it! The couples who are usually most nervous are the couples who totally rock their session! So be encouraged! I have worked with EVERY personality type and EVERY body type, and I always create images that my clients love!! Get excited!


I hope you find inspiration AND gain confidence in reading my Engagement Session Prep SERIES!!! If you missed the last one (I covered outfit inspiration!) click here to view it! 

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Talk to you soon friend!!


How to prep for your engagement session series - 1 of 2


Are you READY for this?! I am SO excited to share this SERIES with you! Being prepared for something you've NEVER done before is HUGE! I know when I go into anything NEW and I am armed with knowledge, while I still might be a little nervous, I feel way less anxiety and more excitement!!! My goal is to get you as prepared as possible so that you feel comfortable and CONFIDENT when you walk into your engagement session with your photographer!

E-sessions are SO important!

During this time with your photographer, you will learn how they pose, how they give you directions, how they communicate with you and this will lead you into being the best and most confident couple on your BIG DAY during your wedding photography!

Let’s just dive right in!!! The first thing most couples ask me when we start talking about their e-session. . .WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?!?!?! This is a very big part of your engagement session! If you are comfortable in your outfits and feel confident with what you are wearing, then you are half way there! 



I recommend a maximum of 2 outfits for your engagement session to ensure that we have plenty of time to capture both looks before sunset! During your one outfit change is when I will photograph your rings while we wait! I recommend the following for your engagement session attire: 

- Neutrals such as blush, tans, light pinks, faint blues and teals, creams, grays and whites will always result in more of a light and airy look to your images. These colors photograph softer and more romantically! 

- If you’re really looking for a soft, feminine look, I recommend a flowing, maxi-length dress or skirt! The movement of this type of fabric photographs beautifully! 

- I recommend a more formal outfit and a more casual one, so that you have plenty of variety to choose from later! 

- The goal is COORDINATING outfits instead of MATCHING! I also recommend avoiding both of you wearing WHITE as a top. White doesn’t allow for any contrast in your images. 

- Guys, I recommend that you avoid patterns that are smaller than a dime! These small patterns can create strange visual effects in a digital camera. Close-toed shoes photograph well, and I recommend avoiding graphic tees and tennis shoes! 

- Gals, I recommend that you wear something that flatters the parts of you that you love the most and also allows you to be extremely confident! If you are uncomfortable when you look in the mirror (having to suck in and only like the way you look from one angle), then that probably isn’t the best outfit choice for you. I want you to be really confident in your outfit, because I know that you will love your portraits so much more if you’re not worrying about how your clothes fit! 

Engagement Session Outfits.png

there's more!!!

In the next blog post I will discuss more steps you can take to help you create the best engagement session experience possible!!! I hope you find this little guide helpful!!! Don't forget to subscribe!

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Jessica + Chris | Georgia International Horse Park Anniversary Session


Oh, you guys!! Do y'all remember Jessica + Chris?! I photographed their beautiful wedding last April at Starrsville Plantation. They are about to celebrate their ONE year wedding anniversary! It's so hard to believe it's been that long! Last week we celebrated EARLY with a photo shoot at the location they met at for the very first time over six years ago!!! How sweet is that?! Jessica has been going to the Georgia International Horse Park for many years competing in horse shows. So, as you can imagine The Horse Park definitely holds a special place in their hearts and it was so wonderful to get to take them back there for their session!

The very famous cherry blossom trees had just started blooming which added a gorgeous back drop! These trees are located right down the center of the road in the median. . .And that's where I asked them to meet me! Eek! I'm so thankful they trusted me on that location! We then headed over to the Nature Preserve located in the park where Chris was right at home! He is an avid duck hunter!

I know it's early, but Jessica + Chris I hope you two have a very Happy One Year Anniversary!!! With MANY MANY more to come!!!