New Headquarters!!! | Hello Social Circle!


Woooooooooo! You guys! God answers prayers!!! Trey and I have been renting a T-Tiny little space in Covington for the past 8 months until we were ready to find our new headquarters for our businesses! Well, after praying lots and doing a little searching God just make it so clear to us that Social Circle was our place!!!

We are now located in our hometown, right behind the very famous Blue Willow Inn! This is such an exciting time for us! I'm excited to get to meet more local folks and start creating more friendships too!!!

To start off, I'll be there three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:15am until it's time to go pick up our babes from school at 2:30pm. If you're in the area on one of those days PLEASE stop by and see us! I would love to say Hey!

We just started moving in yesterday and haven't really made much progress yet but I'd like to share some before photos with you! ;)

A lot of you may not know but my husband and I have owned and operated AllStar Alarms & Sound for over TEN years now!! We ran our business out of Social Circle for the majority of that time but spent a year at a beautiful downtown Monroe office located right in the heart of it all! While we loved that space (it was GORGEOUS!) it was just too far for us to travel. 

We are so excited to be back in Social Circle!!


Milk Bath Session | 38 weeks

We are counting down the days y'all!!! Every day I wake up and I am like, "Will this be the day???" I have got to stop! lol I haven't been feeling well at all and that has made this last leg of pregnancy so hard. I have been in pain for the past two and a half weeks with my back and hips feeling a dull muscle ache. When Rocco moves around it intensifies these pains. . .he moves A LOT! Two nights ago I didn't sleep well because he decided to have a dance party! It was so painful. That next morning I scheduled an appointment with my chiropractor and let me tell you! She worked some serious magic!! I feel SO incredible and have decided to walk around like a granny trying to keep this adjustment in place. lol This Thursday will be my 39 week check up and we will also have another ultrasound done to determine just how much this baby boy is weighing in at. At my last ultrasound, my tech told me he was on track to weigh around ten pounds at birth. Eek! He has consistently measured two weeks ahead at every check up. Praying things will progress in God's time, I will gain some patience and this baby boy will be healthy!

Also, I am bored! I keep getting caught up with house chores and then the boredom starts to set in. Plus, with no weddings or engagement sessions currently on my schedule, work has basically come to a halt. Which was the plan so I can focus on my family and try to relax while we wait on our baby boy to arrive. However, my brain hasn't caught on to this idea yet! My brain is re-branding my photography business, checking out ideas for new website designs and layouts and I am taking an online photography class that is geared towards business. I just can't stop!!! lol I love my photography business and the amazing clients I get to meet. I love that it allows me to be creative and I have SO much fun with my clients during our sessions. Seeing my clients in front of my camera during an engagement session, giggling and loving on each other AND already getting excited about their wedding day photography. . .it keeps me going and keeps me passionate!

So, for now I am trying really hard to stay positive and think happy thoughts. I saw these gorgeous pink peonies at the grocery store and thought they would help brighten my day. Which they do every time I see them! :) They are my faves. I love how fragrant and beautiful they are. They made the perfect prop for my milk bath maternity session too! I had Trey behind my camera rocking out his skills. Thank you for taking these for me babe.

milk_bath_maternity_session_0001.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0002.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0003.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0004.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0005.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0006.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0007.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0008.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0009.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0010.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0011.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0012.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0013.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0014.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0015.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0016.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0017.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0018.jpg milk_bath_maternity_session_0019.jpg

Updates. . .What a year this will be!


  Big things are happening in my business and personal life. This June 2017 my husband and I will be welcoming our third child to our family! We are SO excited and overjoyed for this little blessing. Even more exciting – we have decided to wait until this little person’s arrival to find out if it’s a HE or SHE! Also, my 2017 Wedding Season is all booked up!

So, how does this affect new clients for all other sessions? Well, I have decided I will not be taking on any new clients this year. I know, total bummer, but I am happily working with past clients for their family, maternity, newborn and engagement sessions.

Please feel free to follow my journey on social media. Instagram or on this blog. :)

Y'all! THIS just happened!!!


Y'all!!!! I am SO honored to be receiving ANOTHER award this year!!! Check this out! We have won Two Bright Lights Editor's Choice Award for 2016!!! This year, I have been featured on more publications than ever before and it's so exciting! It's exciting that not only are blogs finding my work appealing in some way but more importantly that my clients are in love with what they are receiving! Cheers!!!award2016certificate Here are just a few of the fabulous publications we have made our way into this year!


gqsoszf27bqrg8ckcb80_badge noh6np9i9jhu86qmi726_badge Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.18.54 AM vr5zpt95ugsgzq5u1z88_badge Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.23.06 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.24.44 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.25.49 AM

And we were also awarded with Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award!share-on-instagram