Lauren + Brendon | Buckeyes Plantation Wedding in Jersey, Ga.

Bride and Groom-36.jpg

It’s such a blessing to get work with incredible clients and their family’s too! I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with this talent that I get to share. It brings me so much joy and I hope my clients get to share in the joy of relieving their beautiful day through these images.

As I drove up to Buckeyes Plantation, Lauren’s childhood home, I could feel the energy and the calm all at the same time! The bustle of the vendors as they were working away at preparing the decor, the calm from the bridesmaids and groomsmen as they were keeping their cool for their best friends, Lauren and Brendon. They have the sweetest friends and family and you could feel the love!

Brendon and Lauren, I’m so very happy for you two! I know you’ve waited a long time for this day and what an incredible day it was!! Every detail was beautiful. Thank you for having me as your photographer!

I wish you two the best!!


Venue - Buckeyes Plantation
Wedding Planner & Coordinator - Blondies, Katey Perkins 
Assistant - Linda Keeble
Officiant - Jeff Keeble 404-427-7487
Cake - Posh Bakery
Suits - The Gentry Shop
Bride’s Gown - Bridals by Lori
Bridesmaids Dresses - Lulus
Rentals - Oconee Event Inc., Rhett Hall
Catering - Up in Smoke, Kevin Lord
Florals and Decor - Blondies, Katey Perkins
Photo Booth - Atlanta Photo Booth
Videography - Olive Studios, Jordan Flores
DJ - Wolter Dutchstyle Haverhals
Singer - Ian Shumker
Violinist - Mad Hatter Violinist
Alcohol - The Grove Wine and Spirits 
Helicopter Pilot - Bruce Whitley

Lauren + Brendon | Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Session


I was supposed to meet Lauren and Brendon at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Once I drove up to the park I noticed it was mass chaos! The park was under construction for Music Midtown the following weekend. There was no way the park was an option. Last minute plan B - The Atlanta Botanical Gardens! It was the beyond beautiful.

While, we were amongst tourists and not one but TWO weddings happening that evening, you would never know from their photographs! We found all the gorgeous nooks of the gardens and took our time exploring.

Lauren and Brendon first laid eyes on one another about a month before they started dating. While at the Mella Hotel, they made eye contact. However, they lost each other in the sea of people attending the event. One month later Lauren was out with friends, enjoying the night! Guess who showed up and greeted her?! Brendon! They danced the night away and ended the night at a friend’s roof top party, staring off into the Atlanta skyline.

Here we are over six years later. Lauren and Brendon will be getting married at her family’s estate for an October wedding! I know it will be another magical night!

Emberlyn Rae is ONE!! | Social Circle, Ga. Session


Aww, Emberlyn Rae. . .I seriously can’t get enough of you!! I’ve seen a lot happen in your Mommy and Daddy’s life - all the good things before your sweet face arrived. Their fun engagement, their gorgeous wedding day, I got to photograph them while you were in your mommy’s belly. When you were just a few days old, I got to hold you and document how tiny you were. And now, here you are! It seems like I blinked and you are a year old, eating a cupcake, just like I want to eat a cupcake!!! You are so precious doll!!

Happy One Year of Life Emberlyn!!!


Rocco Koi is TWO! | Social Circle, Ga. Photography Session


He totally melts my heart! Our sweet Rocco Koi is two years old! He isn’t just a ham, he’s so funny too! This past year has flown by with him. He’s grown beyond belief - now wearing a 3T, he towers over all the kids his age. lol When I ask him to smile he gives the hardest, cheesiest, eyes pinched shut, smile you’ve ever seen! It’s the best thing ever!!

He has started potty training and when WE are consistent he does really well. He talks ALL the time when we hide his paci. He calls his sisters RyRy and Liby - it’s the cutest thing! He’s starting to put sentences together. My fave so far is “I love mommy and gaggy!” Oh, and he said, “I love Gegus” (Jesus) the other day and I about fell to the floor - not even kidding, it was so sweet and beautiful! When he sees a baby, he says, “Baby?!” He loves them so much.

When people first meet him they usually say, “Aw, hey sweet girl!” or “your daughter is so beautiful!” It’s okay!! I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all. The hair ain’t going anywhere YET!

This past week has been different for him because his sisters are now back in school. He keeps asking, “RyRy, Liby, sleep? RyRy, Liby home?” He loves them so much! And while I miss his sisters SO very much while they are at school, I’m thankful for the extra time I get to spend with just he and I.

Happy belated birthday Rocco Koi!


Charlie | Social Circle, Ga. Newborn Session


Her skin tone, petite fingers, those sweet little lips, THAT hair! It was pure baby heaven getting to hold and photograph this baby doll! She is the perfect mixture of her mommy and daddy, who by the way are completely over the moon about her!

Isn’t it just amazing how God puts people in your life? He knows way ahead of the game who we need and when we need them. I’ve known Kaylyn for many years through working with her in the wedding industry and now here were sitting in my living room and I’m holding her baby girl! It was a very precious time for me.

It’s such a beautiful thing to see people grow into who God needs them to be! Kaylyn you are so amazing girl! I am so proud of who you are and the roles that you’ve stepped in to as a writer, wedding planner, a wife and now a mother. Your kindness and love radiates into others and your Charlie is sure to feel this too!

Brett and Kaylyn, congratulations! You two will be the best parents to Charlie!