The HMP of the Week | Chelsea Moody


This HMP is especially special to me because, well, she kicks my butt into shape weekly!! lol Meet my friend and personal trainer, Chelsea Moody!! Chelsea is the momma to two babes, Landon 6 and Lochlan 3. She’s been married to her husband, Lan for over eight years.

I’ve known Chelsea through social media for quite some time but it wasn’t until I met back up with her (in person) at the gym that I got to know her better! She was training a group of amazing ladies. She was always so positive and upbeat and that’s what drew me to her. However, I was very pregnant with Rocco, our third baby, and during my last month of pregnancy, I took off from the gym. Her and I didn’t see each other for several of months.

My sweet neighbor, Brittany, texted me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to join her for a workout class. I was like HECK yes! Well, there she was! Chelsea was teaching the class! I swear to you, God just knows who we need and when we need them in our life! I’ve been training with Chelsea for about six months now. The positivity and energy that she brings to our class every single day is so inspiring and uplifting!


I sat down with Chelsea for a little interview and got to know her even better!

HMP: When you were younger, were you always athletic? It seems to come so natural to you!
Chelsea: NO! I was never athletic as a child and never went to the gym. In fact, I grew up on good ol’ country cooking! I’m talking bacon grease and extra butter with a side of fried everything! I wasn’t encouraged to workout or to participate in sports. My senior year of high school, I couldn’t fit into my size 13 juniors jeans, so I wore pajama pants to our family’s Christmas gathering because I didn’t want to go up a size into the ladies section! After that horrible moment, I tried to be more conscious of what I ate and started running in PE. Once I met my husband Lan, I started loosing weight. However, I was fad dieting and you know once you get happy, you eat MORE! Now here I am in college and I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, Landon. I gained even more weight during his pregnancy. After I had him, my doctor suggested I get the IUD Mirena. After having the IUD, I started getting horrible headaches and it caused me to gain even more weight. I went to my doctor and they removed it. I felt better immediately!!

HMP: When did you really start making fitness a regular part of your life?
Chelsea: I started taking a bootcamp class and then three months later I found out I was pregnant with Lochlan. Once I had Lochlan, I was over 200 lbs. My friend, Christie and Casey from Be the Change Fitness offered me a free month to workout with them. I went to their bootcamp style class and fell in love with the environment and the encouragement they gave me! The accountability was everything!! It made me like fitness!! Everyone was so positive and the challenge drove me to keep going and pushing myself!

HMP: How did you become a personal trainer?
Chelsea: After several months of working out at Be the Change Fitness, the ladies needed another trainer. They came to me and guided and encouraged me to get my certification.


HMP: What drove you to start L3 Fitness?
Chelsea: My family and I moved a year after I started training with the ladies. With my young children and their schedules, it became too much of a drive. When we moved to Social Circle, Ga. I started training at our local gym and met so many amazing ladies. Staci Lawrence and I quickly became friends in the gym and outside too. I saw something in Staci! She has this special drive and she’s so encouraging. Plus, she’s such a good momma! I started L3 Fitness from my home gym - out of my garage! It grew faster than my garage could fit all these ladies! I went to my church and asked if I could use their new space to train. They loved the idea and I’ve been training from there for the past six months. It’s become my ministry! We pray before we workout and I want to create a safe and encouraging atmosphere! We push each other and these ladies know they can come to class with their hardships and we will listen.

HMP: What drives you?
Chelsea: My family! Starting with my children, I want to be the mom that can run and play in the yard without running out of breath! I want to hold and carry my boys around without feeling like I can’t! My family doesn’t have the best genes or life expectancy and I just want to be as healthy as I can to live a good, long life!

HMP: Where do you find your support system?
Chelsea: I have so many people that encourage and support me. God!! I start my morning with God to keep this positive attitude! And when I’m lacking, I turn to my husband and my ladies. Those are the people I surround myself with! They help me be a good mother, a strong woman  and good wife. It’s also really important to get rid of the people that drain you or keep you down!!

HMP: What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
Chelsea: Going on adventures with my family. Simple things like a bike ride through town or camping. Everything in my house is all about super heros, outdoors and bugs! I have two boys so we keep it adventurous!!

HMP: How do you balance it all?
Chelsea: I just need me time! When my children are asleep, we put down the technology and talk! My husband, Lan, is my biggest encourager. If I ever want to do something, he will think about it and help me come up with new ideas to make it better! Also, we will just check away from everyone else and have a date night! Those are my favorite!!


Chelsea: As far as my class, I hope that I portray that I’m not a super human. I’m just an everyday girl. I struggle with food and waking up to be active! I want my girls to know that I’m right there with them! As long as you get it in your head, every day, just an hour or thirty minutes of SOMETHING active! Everyone can have an active lifestyle and keep it going! I want to encourage you to just be active and find time for yourself! As a momma and a wife to a man that works ALLLLLL the time (very long days), that is how I stay sane. Most of the time it’s just me and my children.

And now, Three Fun Facts about Chelsea:
1. I like to rap to Eminem, jam to Brittany Spears, and belt it out to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”!
2. I’m a thrill seeker and love anything that gets my heart pumping! But I’m deathly afraid of haunted houses and refuse to watch scary movies!
3. I LOVE to read! In 2017, I actually read 100 books in a year!


Are y’all ready for our giveaway?!?!? I’m SO pumped about it! We worked really hard on this project and I’m really proud of it and excited for one you to win it!

Chelsea and I created this amazing workout packet! You will win three day’s of workouts from Chelsea along with super helpful tips on nutrition and diet from us both! These workouts paired with my Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating e-cookbook is PERFECTION!!


These giveaways have been so important to us Holy Mother-preneurs! Her are the reason they help us AND you:

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The Holy Mother-preneur of the Week | Kari Willis


I’m so pumped to introduce our next Holy Mother-prenuer (HMP) of the week, Kari Willis! Kari and I met each other on Instagram! We would chat back and forth. One day, out of the blue, I asked her if she would like to meet up for coffee one morning. We set it up for a Friday morning AND I didn’t show up! Y’all I totally stood her up! I felt absolutely horrible! Thankfully she was kind enough to reschedule and meet me that next morning. I realized how much we had in common. And just like with Kari, I believe God just knows when you need a person in your life!

Kari is the momma to two sweet babes, Anslee who is 11 and Cooper age 9. She has two bonus babes, Brooke 17 and Hanna 16! She works two jobs. Kari is the manager at a funeral home in Covington and she runs a side hustle as a wellness coach with Beachbody. While her and I were sitting doing her interview, I could see and feel her passion for what she does! She LOVES teaching other mothers that they can make their fitness goats a reality no matter how busy of a momma you are!


HMP: What drew you to start up with Beach Body?
Kari: The convince of working the program into my life and my schedule I work a full time job and I’m a mom. I love the flexibility to do the workouts on my time and whenever, wherever I have internet! It was never my intention to become a wellness coach. I needed something MORE and something that fit my life. I loved the group of women who needed MORE too! I don’t really make much at this time at my little side gig but what I do get from it is knowing that I am helping enrich another women’s life!
Being a mother to a preteen girl, I want to be an example and show her a healthy lifestyle. There is just so much pressure to look good but for all the wrong reasons. I know it all starts with me being a strong women and putting my insecurities behind me. I want to create a healthy lifestyle and mindset for my children. I need to be the one to set that healthy example.

HMP: Where do you find your support system?
Kari: In like minded women who also want to put their health and wellness a priority. Ladies that I’ve met on this wellness journey, they hold me accountable and push me. I get to do the same for them! It’s so important who you surround yourself with. I know there are a lot of people in my life that just don’t get what I’m doing! That’s okay because I have this amazing support system!

HMP: What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
Kari: I love watching my daughter, Anslee, do her thing on the softball field! That’s where we currently spend most of our time! I love being with my family and my sweet golden doodles. We are all about Georgia Football and just recently went to the game! However, my husband is an Alabama fan. We live in a walking community where there are some phenomenal restaurants and shopping. I love walking to town for the shopping and to grab a bite to eat! My husband, Scott and I enjoy kayaking!!

Three Fun Facts about Kari:
1. I LOVE all things college football. I love being in Athens on game day, but if not Athens, I love gathering with friends, serving up good tailgating snacks and yelling at the TV! YES, I can get loud! lol GO DAWGS!!
2. I love things to be in order. I especially love a plane. Like. . .almost to a fault. It’s sometimes hard for me to adjust when somehting unplanned happens, but I’m learning to roll with it!
3. Living so close to town allows us to walk to fun activiiteis downtown, dinner, shopping, festivals, etc. hen I can let the pups tag along - EVEN BETTER! Our two golden doodles, Joy and Holli, are always sure to bring a smile to those we meet!


And now that we know Kari
a little better, let’s learn more about our GIVEAWAY!!!


As you know, Kari works along side Beach Body as a wellness coach. BeachBody offers an incredible line of products to aid in a healthy lifestyle! Kari is givingaway a variety pack of Shakeology! Shakeology is packed with nutrients and is considered a superfood shake that offers a defense! In it you will find probiotics, prebiotic proteins, antioxidants and so much more! It helps support digestion, curves cravings and boosts your energy levels. It has SEVENTY super foods and is overall a very clean shake!


Also, up for grabs during our amazing giveaway is my e-cookbook, Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating! My e-cookbook is FOUR weeks of healthy meals that your babes will love too! I am also throwing in the meals plans and GROCERY LISTS!! Between the Shakeology & my cookbook, GIRL, you are all set for a healthy MONTH!!

Here’s how to enter:
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FEARLESS plus a tribal invite to the Holy Mother-preneur Meet & Greet


I’ve been super emotional and on the verge of a panic attach the past 8 days! Why? Because I just purchased FIVE HUNDRED cookbooks!!!!! I’m doing it y’all! It wasn’t an easy purchase as this is a very big debt to take on as a startup business. I have so many folks that believe in me and this brand so I’m choosing to be FEARLESS!! I’ve prayed over it and I have many folks in my corner praying for me too! I’m so grateful to anyone that has said a little prayer for me. They give me peace and excitement for what is to come!

Recently I started up a Facebook group for ALL Holy Mother-preneur’s to join! Here is the link. We currently have another contest going on featuring our HMP of the Week, the executive director of Beautycounter, Ashley Flores! The giveaway is valued at over $110.00!!! You can enter over on the FB Group or on Instagram too!

HMP logo.jpg

Earlier this year, I had this yearning to start a TRIBE! However, I was still very depressed after having Rocco (our third baby). Postpartum depression just took over my entire life but God was still there working away at me and preparing me for this new venture!! That’s when Holy Mother-preneur came to life!!

And let me tell you, this isn’t just “ANOTHER” group!

HMP Tribe.jpg

Why in the world did I start this group?! Well, first off, let’s call us a TRIBE instead! I needed it! After speaking with other ladies, I found that they needed this too! We need our TRIBE!! Have you ever heard the saying the people you spend the most time with are who you become?! IT’S SO TRUE!! 

I want to be successful! I want that for my tribe too!! Let’s do this together! 

Our first “tribal” meeting will be held on Friday, October 12th from 7:30am - 9:00am. I picked this time because it’s right after school drop off and I thought “What better way to head into the weekend with a bunch of new friends and new ideas to lead us all into a new week! There will be coffee and quiches. The topic will be  - ALL over the place! Let’s just get to know one another! I would love to hear what you want to learn more about so I can start planning our next tribal meeting. Children are welcome! I will set up a play area for them at our office. For future meetings I would like to keep them child free if possible so we can all focus. lol

RSVP here! I would love to meet you and hear more about you!

With the holiday selling season just around the corner, on Friday, November 2nd at 7:30am, I will be teaching a class on photographing products for your business for social media and we will discuss hashtag usage too! I’ve already opened up seats for this class so be sure to RSVP here!


I am so pumped and I hope you are too! See y’all soon!


Holy Mother-preneur of the Week | Ashley Flores


Ashley and I have known each other in passing and through following along on social media but today, we just hit it off! She’s so down to earth and just LOVES helping out other mother-preneurs!! My kinda girl!!

Her and I sat down and talked for several hours about mom life, being entrepreneurs and health nuts!

Ashley is the Executive Director at Beautycounter, an amazing stay-at-home momma to two babes (Olive who is five and Teo who just turned two), and a huge advocate for living a holistic lifestyle! She started with Beautycounter when they were just two years in and moved up the ladder very quickly!!

Just to give you a little background info. . .she started with the company when her daughter was just two years old. Her husband had just taken over a church, became the pastor and then they moved the church to a different town! Within that three month time frame, Ashely moved up to a leadership role over at Beautycounter. Isn’t it so incredible what we are capable of when we have a passion and mindset for something we believe in?! Oh, I LOVE IT!!!


Now go get to know her better. You’ll fall in love with her too!!

HMP: What drew you in to working with Beautycounter?
Ashley: It just aligned with my beliefs and thoughts on raising my daughter in a natural environment. I believe in their mission and want to help empower other women to live a more natural way of life too. What really drew me to link arms with the company was the advocacy. Our laws in the US are so outdated. So many companies aren’t putting great ingredients into their products. Beautycounter has lobbyists going to DC to make our voices heard and advocate for safer ingredients. Over 1,300 ingredients have been banned in Europe and other countries. Currently, thanks to Beautycounter, the US is now up to 30 banned ingredients. Beautycounter bans 1,500 ingredients from their products!! If it’s in question they just search for safer ingredients because it’s just not worth the risk.

HMP: Where do you find your support system?
Ashley: My husband has been supportive since day one! He knew I was passionate about this company. Also, I couldn’t do all this without my family and close friends. When I need someone to help me with Tao, my family is right there for me! 
HMP: What are you thoughts on family and friends being more supportive:
Ashley: I need people in my life that add value and I can do the same for them. When Rhianna comes out with a new album, everyone knows about it! Be the same for your friends and family! People are so influenced by celebrities but when it comes to your family, we need that too! Support your friends and inquire about what they are doing!
HMP: It can be really overwhelming starting up a new business venture and I know so many people will come up with excuse after excuse. Any advice?
Ashley: You just have to ask yourself, are you too busy or is this just not a priority?! You just jump in and figure it out!!

HMP: What do you love to do in your time off?
Ashley: I’m a health nut! I LOVE cooking in the kitchen and swimming with my children. We love going to the lake with our family. I love heater shows. Date nights with my husband are important too!
HMP: What do you love about being a mother-prenuer?
Ashley: As a stay at home mom I just wanted something more and I wanted to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit. I want my daughter to see that I can do something important and care for my family tool.

HMP: What are three fun facts about you:
1. I love organizing anything and everything! If you need something in your house purged out (I love throwing things away haha!) I’m your girl. I hate clutter and want everything to have a place... it’s a little neurotic.
2. We want tons of kids! Our house stays chaotic with only two, but we welcome it. The more the merrier! 
3. I’m a musical theater fanatic! I did Theater growing up, and just feel like still as an adult it’s so incredibly magical. I could listen to showtunes all day every day. I’m so happy Olive has started at such a young age!


Ashley would love to invite you to follow her along on social media! She has an amazing FB Group. She shares loads of info over there about living clean and healthy 👉🏼 Clean Beauty Talk + Holistic Health with Ashley Flores
website |
instagram |

She is also working on a new project! A blog and Youtube channel! I can’t wait to see where she takes it!


NOW! Let’s get to our giveaway! Ashley has picked what Beautycounter considers their “HERO” product!!! Like us mother-preneurs, it’s a multitasking product and considered to be “The Baum that does it all”!!! The Cleansing Balm melts your makeup off and cleanses your face. It can be used as an overnight mask by using a thin layer and you just leave it on over night. It’s great for children in the winter to help heal dry skin AND you can use it as a moisturizer too! That’s totally impressive!! 
Full size: 2.75 ounces
Retail: $80.00

Als0, you will be entering to win The Holy Mother-preneur, Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating e-cookbook, that includes four meal plans, four grocery lists AND a little bonus!
e-cookbook: $24.99
Grocery lists and meal plans: $8.00

This contest is valued at over $110.00!!

Here’s how to enter!!
We are hosting our giveaway on Instagram & over on Facebook. Click on these links to enter! Holly L. Robbins and/or Holy Mother-preneur from there you will find all the directions.

Good luck!!


The Holy Mother-preneur of the Week! | The Willow Boutique & Salon

Willow Boutique & Salon-13.jpg

This contest has turned into something WAY beyond what I envisioned and I'm SO thankful for that!! I'm so thankful that I can dream big and make even bigger things happen!! You can too ladies! You just gotta start and try and the BAM!!! That's how ALLLLL this got started in the first place! I prayed and asked God what he wanted me to do. He showed me the way! And I'm following him! It sounds simple and I know our brains can make things WAY more difficult than they are worth! But I would like to encourage you to ask God, "What are my God-given talents? What do you want me to be doing, Lord?" The answers may come fast than you were prepared for!!!

Today we are starting our Holy Motha Giveaway!! I will be featuring a Holy Mother-preneur of the week and the gifts we have up for grabs! Each winner will receive a copy of my e-cookbook, Thirty Nights of No Thinking, Just Healthy Eating, Four Grocery Lists and the Meal Plans too!!

Willow Boutique & Salon-19.jpg

So, now, I would LOVE to introduce to y'all the Holy Mother-preneur's of the week: Candy Shipley & Brittany Pough, the owners of The Willow Salon and Boutique! These ladies are a force to be reckoned with!!! We met for a little interview and I got to know them both better!

HMP: Everyone has a story to tell! Why did you become a Holy Mother-prenuer?
Candy & Brittany: The opportunity arose and we jumped on it! The salon owner we were both working for decided to move on to greater things. So, we both became certified and approved in Aveda products and The Willow Salon and Boutique was born!

HMP: What drives you/keeps you going and serving your clients?
Candy & Brittany: We love giving our clients a safe place to feel special and the ingredients to feel healthier! We become their "therapists" and help them feel beautiful too!

HMP: What have you learned so far about being an entrepreneur that you can share with others?
Candy & Brittany: It takes a lot of dedication!! If you don’t have the heart for it, DON'T DO IT! There will be good times and overwhelming times - it’s all about balancing!!

HMP: What are three fun facts about each you?
1. I’m a published author!
2. I’m an artist and I have paintings hanging around town.
3. I love to "play" with hair dresser!!! I never grew up!!
1. I'm a perfectionist!
2. I spend most of my free time reading.
3. My guilty pleasure is shoes!!!

HMP: What do you do in your off time?
Candy: I love to spend time with my husband and my two dog babies, Stella and Luna. We also raise sheep!!
Brittany: On my off days, I meditate and do yoga to relax.

HMP: How can people connect with you?
Candy & Brittany: Facebook + Instagram

HMP: What sets you apart from other businesses?
Candy & Brittany: Our product lines and our personalities! The way we connect with our customers is unique and on a very personal level! Plus, everyone just loves our Patsy!! She’s our receptionist and the welcome committee!!

And now for our giveaway!! These ladies offer a product that is great for the environment and safe for us!! In order for these ladies to even cary this product line they MUST be certified! Brittany and Candy are giving away $50 worth of Aveda lipstick in the perfect fall shades!!

Willow Boutique & Salon-8.jpg

If you would like to enter to win, please go to @hollylrobbins and follow the directions!