Charlie | Social Circle, Ga. Newborn Session


Her skin tone, petite fingers, those sweet little lips, THAT hair! It was pure baby heaven getting to hold and photograph this baby doll! She is the perfect mixture of her mommy and daddy, who by the way are completely over the moon about her!

Isn’t it just amazing how God puts people in your life? He knows way ahead of the game who we need and when we need them. I’ve known Kaylyn for many years through working with her in the wedding industry and now here were sitting in my living room and I’m holding her baby girl! It was a very precious time for me.

It’s such a beautiful thing to see people grow into who God needs them to be! Kaylyn you are so amazing girl! I am so proud of who you are and the roles that you’ve stepped in to as a writer, wedding planner, a wife and now a mother. Your kindness and love radiates into others and your Charlie is sure to feel this too!

Brett and Kaylyn, congratulations! You two will be the best parents to Charlie!


Norah Jean | Preemie Strong!

Norah Jean | Preemie Strong!

Hello Miss Norah Jean!

This sweet babe was born 11 weeks early and weighed only 1lb. 15oz. For almost three months she fought hard in the NICU. You may remember her big brother, Lathaniel. He’s a fighter too! I know there are so many woman suffering from being trapped in the NICU with their precious babes. That’s why I asked Dallas if she wouldn’t mind sharing her story.

Emberlyn's Newborn Session | Social Circle, Ga.


Check out this sweet doll, Emberlyn! Isn’t she the cutest?!?! I photographed her mommy and daddy’s engagement, wedding and maternity sessions and now I get the honor of documenting her little life too! (Click on any of those links to head down memory lane with me!) My heart is bursting because I am just so blessed to have this job and get to meet clients that become friends!

They are a beautiful family!

P.S. Couldn’t miss out on Jade and Jamie’s first baby girl, Roxie


Blakely Harper | Newborn Session

Hello Blakely Harper! She has arrived! This doll was born on Valentine’s Day and boy is this rainbow baby girl loved beyond belief! While Blakely is most certainly the happy ending to their journey, the Goss family, Stephanie (the mommy), Matt (the daddy) and big brother Colton have been through so much. Stephanie and Matt were expecting their second baby, Olivia Blake, just last year. Unexpectedly, Stephanie's water broke and she spent two weeks in the hospital on strict bed rest trying to regain fluids. With all of the efforts to save her doll she had no choice but to deliver her baby girl at 23 weeks and one day. This put Stephanie's life at risk too. She received eight blood transfusions to save her. Miss Olivia Blake is now an angel in Heaven. Stephanie told me, “ We didn’t take a single day pregnant with Blakely for granted because we know how quickly it can be taken away.” I got to meet their little miracle, Blakely a few weeks ago. My, oh, my! She is beautiful! Seeing Colton, her big brother, excited about her and loving on her, made my heart so happy. While I was holding Blakely during her session, I couldn't help but thank God for blessing Stephanie and Matt! God is so good y'all!

The Goss Family is doing their best to raise awareness and funds for Premature Birth with The March of Dimes - March for Babies in honor of their Olivia Blake. Please take a moment to view their site and help support research for full term babies! The March for Babies

Eliza's Newborn Session | Social Circle, Ga.

I'm so excited to share Eliza's newborn session this morning! I've been photographing this couple for years and now they are a family of three! These two made the most beautiful baby girl and it was an honor to photograph her cute, little newness. Eliza Taylor was born on January 9th weighing 6 pounds and 7 ounces - so teeny and sweet! She was very alert during our session and I was able to get some great photos of her pretty blues. Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0018.jpgMonroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0019.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0020.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0021.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0022.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0023.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0024.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0025.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0026.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0027.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0028.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0029.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0030.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0031.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0032.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0033.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0034.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0035.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0036.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0037.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0038.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0039.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0040.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0041.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0042.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0043.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0044.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0045.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0046.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0047.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0048.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0049.jpg Monroe_Ga_Newborn_Photographers_0050.jpg