Monroe Ga Maternity Photograpehrs

Brett + Kaylyn | Social Circle, Ga. Maternity Session


Kaylyn and Brett are a vibrant couple! As many of you know, I met Kaylyn at The Mill at Yellow River in Porterdale, Ga. She is the coordinator there and we did several weddings together before I photographed her and Brett’s ah-mazing wedding there at the same venue. Now here we are, together again, waiting on their sweet girl to arrive!

Kaylyn and Brett, you guys are going to be the very best parents ever!


P.S. Just as I’m posting this sweet couples’ maternity session, I’m about to share their daughter’s newborn session too! I am so excited for them! I’ve known them for quite some time now and feel incredibly blessed to get to spend as much time with them over the past couple weeks as I have!

Nolan Family Maternity Session | Social Circle, Ga.


Y’all, I wanna cry. . .I’m probably the most emotional photographer evah!!! lol I don’t even care! I tend to fall in love with my clients and their family and I am so thankful for this! I’ve known the Nolan since our babies were little and now our children go to school together. Getting to watch their babes (and now their family!!) grow is such a joy to me.

Tessa, TJ, Wyatt and Elsa met me at our little farm here in Social Circle for their family maternity session. Time to document baby number three!!! I remember the first time I ever met Tessa for their Fall family session years ago, I asked her if she was going to have any more babies since she had a boy and a girl. We were both like, “YES, let’s do this one more time!!” lol But I don’t think either one of us was really thinking that we would both have “one more”!!

As always, God has a much bigger plan than we are aware! This baby boy is going to fill their life with so much joy! I can’t wait to meet him!!


Jade + Jamie | Monroe, Ga. Maternity Session

OH MY GOODNESS! These two (now THREE) are just too adorable!! I love them and their personalities and I'm just so excited for them in this new season of life!! I have worked with Jade and Jamie on their engagement session, wedding, maternity and next up NEWBORN session! I love it when it goes full circle! It's one of the most amazing parts of my job - I get to document some of life's greatest moments and experience them with some of the most amazing people on this earth! Plus, the relationships that grow from photographs means the world to me!

And can we talk about Jade's laugh and how gorgeous and infectious it is?! And how sweetly her hubby, Jamie, looks at her?! LOVE! You guys this is what love looks like!!!

Jade, OMG! Girl you are just a stunning momma-to-be! I can't wait to meet your doll Emberlyn Rae!!


P.S. You know when you ask your clients to meet you in an abandoned neighborhood that sits way off the road, THEY TRUST YOU!!! And for that I'm so thankful!!

Eight Months and counting! | Pensacola Beach, Fl Maternity Session

This week I am in my EIGHTH month! It totally doesn't seem like I should be this far along and I am SO very thankful that I don't feel eight months pregnant! Woohoo! A couple of weeks ago, during RyAnne's spring break, we took a trip to Pensacola Beach, Florida. We had such a wonderful time with our girls! The weather was incredible! It was sunshine and sand all but one day. And that one day it rained we headed to the outlets for some shopping. So, it wasn't a wasted day at all! Pensacola Beach is GORGEOUS! This was our second time visiting. The sand is so pure and the water is a stunning shade of emerald. It's always so hard for us to leave.


Olivia kept busting out cute little poses and had me cracking up. lol

pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0002.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0003.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0004.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0005.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0006.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0007.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0008.jpg

I love these three So very much!

pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0009.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0010.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0011.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0012.jpg

I love how excited they are about their baby brother, Rocco. RyAnne insisted that her and Olivia needed to kiss my belly.

pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0013.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0014.jpg

When Olivia saw my purple gown, she said, "Oh momma, you look like Elsa!" How cute is that?!

pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0015.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0016.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0017.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0018.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0019.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0020.jpg

RyAnne was in charge of the camera for the last part of our session. She would tell Trey and I how to pose and what to do next. She specifically told her daddy to kiss my belly. I love her SO much!!!

pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0021.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0022.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0023.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0024.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0025.jpg

And what is a Robbins' photoshoot without a couple of outtakes?! Haha!

pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0026.jpg pennsacola_beach_fl_photographers_0027.jpg