Social Circle Engagement Photographers

Logan + Tyler | Social Circle Engagement Session

If Logan looks familiar, that because I’ve photographed her beautiful face before! Logan is best friends with Elizabeth and Dalton! Logan and Tyler were both in their wedding that I photographed just last year. I am so excited to get to work them on their big day too!

Logan and Tyler met through social media in November 2014. They became really good friends within just a month of chatting online and decided to meet in person on their first date. They were both young and very shy at that time so Logan brought a friend with her on their date to help break the ice and calm her nerves. Once Logan and Tyler met eyes for the first time, they both felt the sparks! That next month, they became a couple and started dating.

They both love being outdoors, going to bonfires and hanging out with friends. During those times they became so open with one another and always had such a blast. After about a year of dating, they moved in together. They continued to grow as a couple and fell more and more in love.

In March 2018, they went on a couples retreat with their friends, Andrew and his girlfriend, Bridgette. Little did Logan know that this trip was no ordinary trip. This trip was planned out to be the most spectacular trip ever! Tyler had a secret plan! While on a hike, they all decided to go to a waterfall. On the way they saw signs for a swinging bridge. Logan just had to see this swinging bridge! She begged her friends to turn back so they could all experience it together!

They all agreed to head back to the swimming bridge and at that time, Tyler knew this was were he was going to propose! Logan was just so excited to see the bridge that she was oblivious to the whole thing. Logan took off across the bridge first and Tyler followed behind her. Once they got to the center of the bridge, Tyler stopped Logan and asked her to be his wife!!

These two are SO adventurous and their proposal fits their personalities so perfectly! I cannot wait to photograph their big day at Starrsville Plantation this March!!

Congratulations Logan + Tyler!!!


Jade + Jamie's Hard Labor Creek State Park Engagement Session

According to Jade, love comes when you least expect it. Today on the blog she is sharing her love story! Yes, another guest blogger! I am really loving this! This past weekend, I met with Jade + Jamie at Hard Labor Creek State Park and we photographed their love and had the best time! "He said he saw me from across the parking lot and had to get to know me, and that's just what he did. We met in August/September of 2013. We both had rocky times before. You see Jamie had just gotten out of a 9 year long relationship and at that point I was only 18 and had just graduated high school. Jamie intimidated me. He was 23 and lived completely on his own, whereas I was still living with my mom and relying on my mom and dad.

He got my phone number from a mutual friend and it was over from then! He tried hard to get me to give him a chance and I wouldn't. I just wanted to be friends... We had our first kiss on November 28, 2013 and I had never felt that way before. I had butterflies and sparks and couldn't get those feelings out of my head (or my heart). But I still made him chase me for about 3 months...

Finally on January 16, 2014 I asked him to be my boyfriend, yes I asked him! Lol by this time I had moved in with him and I was loving every second of it, and I still do today. We dated and enjoyed each other and finally on September 15, 2015 he asked me to be his wife. Our best friends were there and it was perfect! He said he was going to wait until my birthday in October but he just couldn't wait any longer. Jamie has taught me how to love myself and how to really love someone else. I honestly believe he was my saving grace and I was his. Our timing was perfect for one another."

I am looking forward to your wedding day!!!

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