Close to the beginning. . .

Yesterday my sweet neighbor, Cailey, came over for me to photograph her and her belly for the last time. :) Seeing her not feeling her normal self and somewhat down, it reminded me of my final days carrying my girls. With our first daughter, I was scared and excited because I knew our lives were about to change. It wasn't going to be just Trey and I anymore. And of course this is what we wanted, a family. But still, I don't like HATE change. I was unsure of so many things. . . who was going to watch her when I needed to be away, how was I going to run our business, is she going to be a good sleeper, a good nurser, would my delivery go as I imagined. . .Did I even have an image of what my birth was going to look like?????? Yes, I was quite overwhelmed when at my 40 week check up the mid-wife blasts into the room telling me she just called the hospital and scheduled my induction to begin THAT night. WHAT???? Yes! Without warning or addressing me otherwise - How rude of her. :( I had heard nothing but negative things about indications. That they typically result in a C-section. I was terrified and I cried all day. As my protest, I was 30 minutes late to the hospital to begin this indication process. Huh, take that! lol Not that they really cared and it most certainly didn't make a difference to my nurses. Birthing babies is so unpredictable. It can make you a crazy person. As if the hormones weren't enough, you then have opinions being thrown at you left and right from your doctors, midwives, your girlfriends and the lady in the check out line that has had five kids and breeds horses - she knows it all y’all! lol


I do know it’s the most beautiful experience of my life so far. Creating my babies (that was fun), growing my babies (incredible and exhausting), birthing them (a true miracle that my body was able to do that) and the very best part holding my fresh newborn babies (I grew this bundle of perfection). GAH! Just too amazing. God is so great.

Cailey gets to meet her daughter, Brooklyn Coy, this Saturday! I'm so excited for her and her family. :) Please lift her up in your happy thoughts + prayers!!!


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