RyAnne turns EIGHT!

Y’all! It’s been one very emotional week for this Momma!! Early last week my sweet boy, Rocco, stopped nursing and it totally broke my heart! I feel like I’m morning the loss of someone! Yes, It’s that serious! Rocco is my last baby and he’s the last baby I will ever nurse. It’s been really tough waking up every morning and not having our little routine. I’m trying hard to start a new morning routine with him that is just as sweet. I will get him out of his crib and bring him in our bed for snuggles. It's not quite the same but I'm so thankful for the nine and a half months he and I did have bonding in our special way!

Well, RyAnne has decided to go and grow up on me too! On Saturday, instead of having the big birthday party we normally do, this year she chose to have a slumber party with seven of her girlfriends! We went to the trampoline park, Rush, and had the best time!! Today is her OFFICIAL EIGHTH birthday! About this time eight years ago I was laying in a hospital bed wondering when she was going to arrive! I was nervous and excited and really just terrified! She’s my first born and the one that made me a momma! Before I know it another eight years will pass and she will be driving down the driveway. . .in a car!!! What?!?!?! 

Okay, slow down Holly!!! So, in the mean time I will cherish every moment and document them as best I can!

Happy birthday my beautiful girl!!!