Happy first day of school y'all!!! | Social Circle, Ga.


OH MY GOODNESS!!! How adorable are these babies?!?! I know, I'm totally partial! But holy cow! Last night, while I was tucking RyAnne to bed she asked me to make her a list of the things she needed to do in the morning. I used to do this all the time last school year and she loved it!

I woke up extra early to make her and Olivia their first list of the school year! They picked out their clothes last night and were just SO excited!! And that's how they woke up - totally excited about today!!!

We first dropped off Olivia at the Primary school. Homegirl walked into that classroom like she owned it and gave Mrs. Meadows a hug! I know she's in the best hands with Mrs. Lee-Trust and Mrs. Meadows!! They were RyAnne's Pre-K teachers too!!

RyAnne was very adamant about her mommy, daddy and baby brother walking her in to class. I didn't mind at all!!! She's so excited about this school year! Her teacher Mrs. Bell is the sweetest and came highly recommended!! When we visited her classroom during the open house, RyAnne noticed how many of her friends were in her class!

So, in case you were wondering, the answer is YES! I cried! Both of my baby girls are going to school full time now! I know they will do amazing! It's just hard for this momma to believe her babies are so grown up. 

I said a massive prayer for my girls, all the teachers and all the babes headed back to school today! I sure hope you all had a wonderful first day!!