Savannah + AJ | Lithonia, Georgia Engagement Session

You know how some say that you've probably already met "the one", you just don't know it yet...yeah, that's kind of how Savannah and AJ happened. The first time she met him was at church.  However, he was dating one of her close friends.  So after their initial meeting that was probably the last time they spoke.

After about three years had past and a new found Twitter addition occurred. . .lol. . .Savannah and AJ began chatting.  A Tweet turned into a text and then the worst happened.  Savannah's mother had a heart attack.  Thankfully Savannah was there to rush her to the emergency room.

A few days later (but still in the hospital), Savannah's mother was doing great!  Dressed to impress wearing a sweater vest AND a tie (Her mother loves ties!) and flowers in hand, AJ  came to the hospital.  At this point they had not seen each other since their initial meeting over three years ago.  Savannah wearing what she left the house in to rush her mother to the hospital, an old t-shirt and jeans.  They spent a lot of time in the hospitals waiting room chatting and getting aquatinted with one another.

In this one day, AJ meet just about every important person in Savannah's life as family, friends and co-workers were coming to visit her mother and her at the hospital.

Savannah and AJ dated throughout the rest of their college career.  On the day of her graduation, amongst friends and family, AJ sent her on a scavenger hunt for presents around his house.  When she returned to the living room where everyone was gathered, she wanted to show them the gift she just found and was ready to read her next clue, the room was cleared.  AJ's brother handed her the hint for her next gift.  The clue read, "Where would we go when we're old and grey to sit outside and rock our lives away?"

Knowing his parents had rocking chairs on their front porch, she quickly went to the front door while trying to hold back the "ugly cry". She found everyone outside on the front lawn and AJ sitting in a rocking chair motioning for her.  He knelt to one knee and asked her to be his wife. . .she said yes!!! 

My friend, Gary Ezell, and I will be photographing their sweet wedding at the Mill at Yellow River (also known as the Porterdale Lofts).  Can't wait!

OH!  Don't forget to check out their wedding website and Pass Gallery. . .You will be able to share and download their gorgeous images from there.  :)

Happy Monday! Love. H.